? Question: Hello! We would like to use your reagent PBS for the installation of an impermeable screen in the area of water contact before opening of the productive formation perforation. What injection do you offer?

✎ Answer: Hello. To install water isolation ones screens and selective water shutoff, we have developed a new material modification of PBS with the size of the individual particles 100-200мкм. In Your case, the most optimal would be to carry out these works in the process of drilling a well to penetrate the productive formation. This would further avoid the appearance of annular flow and all the attendant problems. Isolation technology is simple: a fully opened aquifer, then the BHA climbs the roof of the reservoir. In any anhydrous organic liquid to prepare a suspension of the material of PBS in an amount of 0.5-0. 8m3 and 100…120kg material PBS for 1 meter of aquifer thickness. When you open the preventer, consistently pumped in the tube space 5-7m3 of fresh water, the selected suspension volume of PBS and pressed mud. When a portion of the water will approach to the bit, the preventer is closed and the slurry is pressed into the reservoir drilling fluid in the internal volume of drill tool + 1-5M3. After 1 hour, you can continue drilling. If You give us more details, we will describe the plan of work.



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