? Question: As a reagent of PBS affects the rheological properties of the mud and what is the scheme of injecting it into the well?

✎ AnswerPBS does not affect the properties of the mud, because the PBS suspension is pumped into the absorption zone with a small pereprodavat and, after the reaction, formed a solid rubbery mass that remains in the absorption zone in the well bore does not fall. After reacting with water, at a concentration of 4-10%, the PBS reagent does not dissolve in water and aqueous solutions of acids and alkalis and therefore on the properties of drilling mud are not affected. If you add dry PBS in the clay mud in the amount of 1%, will increase the viscosity of the solution up to n/t and get VSL. Depending on conditions, pumping reagent PBS in the well can be produced on organic media or water options for its use very much, so, depending on solved tasks, we apply the same scheme of injection. If you have any more questions, or you want to get more information, write us at:



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