? Question: Hello. Please tell us about the technology of passing zones, the catastrophic acquisitions using EGG.

✎ Answer: With the passage of the zones of disastrous acquisitions using EGG it should be noted that EGG not eliminate the zone itself, since there is a high degree of crack growth, but it helps to reduce the loss of drilling mud at 1m of penetration. For example: you passed the area of absorption and a drill with a speed of 10m/h, capacity of mud pump 20L/s, the stock solution of 200m3, the time of supply the required amount of the solution is 5 hours. With these metrics you can drill 2.2 hours (then you are out of the drilling mud), pass the 22m. If you put EGG and create a good hydraulic regime, you can increase the speed by 50-70%, will make a speed of 15m/HR, then you with this amount of solution will be drilled 33,3 M. No EGG you 1m of the excavation was spending 9,09m3 solution and EGG you spend. 6 m³ solution. And if you count on the barrel, the savings would be very large. 1. You faster the well will be drilled. 2. You will spend less solution. Count conditional variables and direct costs with regard to your circumstances and you will feel the difference.
The second method. 1st EGG is placed over the chisel and 2nd EGG above the absorption zone 200-500m (depending on the projected drilling rate). 1st EGG reduces the pressure in the work area of the bit increases the drilling speed and 2-Oh - reduces hydrostatic pressure on the zone of absorption. and if you have a static level in the range of 10-50m, and the intensity of absorption 50-70м3/hour, then you will drill with output of circulation.



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