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Frequently asked questions

?  As a reagent of PBS affects the rheological properties of the mud and what is the scheme of injecting it into the well?

? Good day how applicable Your technology on the elimination of R between the columns in the permafrost.Thank you

? In the casing there are cases of leakage in threaded connections of casing strings. Insulation of small gaps in the thread of the traditional methods with conventional plugging compositions do not give good results. With what minimum acceleration can upload PIC and what is the percent efficiency?


Hello! We would like to use your reagent PBS for the installation of an impermeable screen in the area of water contact before opening of the productive formation perforation. What injection do you offer?

You write that AGG allows to increase drilling speed, but the known similar devices, for example, culminator.

Is it possible to upload material of PBS through the hydraulic motor?

You have written that the reagent reacts in PBS for 15 minutes, and as it then to pump, if the absorption at a depth of more than 2000m, we do not have time to pump?

?1) How the device operates in the abrasive rocks, I mean the blurring of the channels during the passage of the abrasive flow during the drilling process? 2) What features in the calculation of the hydraulics? Required differential needs to be calculated as the chisel, and on the ejector? Lithology of the section? In any species have been observed to better effect? Does the ejector work on the rate of rise of particles of cuttings in the pipe for space? The linearity of the liquid. What is the flow at the outlet of a sloping channel? 3) cross-channel? If the liquid does not reach the nozzles of the bit, we don't get enough exit speed of the jet from the nozzles and as a consequence may not complete clearing of the total slaughter. If we get the effect of bit balling in service of the bit when drilling young viscous clays? In our areas they are present. 4) is There a danger of overlap of the channels drilled rock? 5) How this device works in conjunction with the PDC bits?

? Sorry , can you answer a few questions ? 1) the Cost of EGG. 2) How many wells can be drilled with one of ASG (service Life) And after testing it can be "reanimated" ? 3) What distinguishes mudding "Colatitude sub from clogging your EGG? 4) have you Used it on the territory of KHMAO?

For normal operation of PDC bits, we need to keep them cool. How will this affect the inclusion of EGG in BHA ?

Good afternoon. What is the number of bits in EGG? How is created a differential pressure of EGG?

Hello. Please tell us about the technology of passing zones, the catastrophic acquisitions using EGG.


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