? Question: Sorry , can you answer a few questions ? 1) the Cost of EGG. 2) How many wells can be drilled with one of ASG (service Life) And after testing it can be "reanimated" ? 3) What distinguishes mudding "Colatitude sub from clogging your EGG? 4) have you Used it on the territory of KHMAO?

✎ Answer: 1) Cost of EGG depends on the size. 2) The life of EGG is 300 hours at a differential pressure of 7.0 MPa. To revive it difficult, because when using it, during this time, there is a deterioration in the housing to 5mm and wear of the channels for high-speed flow of abrasive fluid.
3) Bridging the sub makes mudding the walls of the well special additives (bentonite, fillers, etc.) and these additives are fed drilling fluid inside the drill pipe, out through nozzles bridging the sub and hit the wall of the bore and collateral her. The limitations of using this technology is that it is necessary to use a certain fraction of additives and their quantity in order to be scored nozzles of the transferor). EGG, mudding the walls of the well is drilled rock different fractional composition. The sludge from the bottom, with high speed, enters the vertical channels, then in inclined channels (speed 50-80m/s), hits the borehole wall calmative and hardening it, a small part of the sludge is plugging, and a large part of the sludge shall be made at the wellhead. This reduces the cost of entering the drilling fluid of mudding and apply drilling fluids without solids.
4) In 90-e years, EGG widely used in the Nizhnevartovsk region, the average increase in drilling rate was 30 %, the penetration of the bit is 50%.



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