Water isolation ones reagent PBS

Water isolation ones the PBS reagent, produced by TU 2458-003-65501351-2011 is designed to eliminate acquisitions, selective isolation of water inflows, the elimination of the intercasing flows in strongly and srednebyudzhetnyh collectors with pick-up from 150m3\d at a pressure of 50 ATM to 2000 m3\day at a pressure of 0 ATM . The size of the individual particles of the reagent of PBS varies in the range of 0.5-1.5 mm. the production work on oil wells there are two basic technologies injection into the area of violation: 1. Download PBS reagent in a hydrocarbon liquid. In this method, injection of PBS delivered into the zone violations in the carrier liquid, which may be any liquid light hydrocarbons, alcohols and glycols. After injection into the zone violations, reagent PBS is in contact with water, increases in volume 20 to 30 times and turns into elastic rubber-like mass, blocking access to water. 2. Download PBS reagent in an aqueous medium. To slow the setting time water is added to the retarder of the setting time. Injection is performed in the following ratio: per 1m3 of water is added to 50 kg of reagent PBS, mixed and injected into the area of the violation (the amount of the reagent is selected depending on the intensity of absorption or pick-up). Within 1 hour of the polymerisation for 4 hours – hardening. This technology is used mainly for the elimination of the acquisitions, the elimination of behind-casing flows and the elimination of water reservoirs. Temperature range of use of the technology is from -100C to +1800С. Complete effect duration is not defined (after the treatment, the well was monitored for 3 years, then not tracked). Operates in water solutions of calcium chloride to 3%. Analogs of this reagent no. Unlike water-swellable polymer of the GNP in that the water-swellable polymer is a loose gel that keeps bad pressure and PBS is a single rubber-like bound system, which withstands high pressure (150 ATM). The average consumption per area of absorption is 500-800 kg.

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