Water isolation ones reagent PBS-f

Water isolation ones emulsion of PBS supension is a low-viscosity dispersion of a hydrophobic polymer system which, upon contact with water, forms a hardening emulsion with high mechanical characteristics. The emulsion has a high penetrating power, which allows its use in low-permeability reservoirs, water isolation ones the PBS emulsion has high adhesion to the rock surface, after polymerization, is resistant to aggressive environments. In oil-saturated part of the reservoir water isolation ones emulsion of PBS remains inert, the volume does not increase and easily removed from the pore space. Injection of the emulsion is produced in a marketable condition and do not require the use of solvents. The download is between 1-2 m3. The displacement of the emulsion of PBS produced with oil(water) in a volume of 2-4 volumes of emulsion. Temperature range of the emulsion is from-10C to +180C. Analogs of this reagent is not known. For all technologies, the success rate is close to 100% and depends on the availability of raw data. Before starting work, the required averaged samples of formation water in the volume of 5-10l, for the selection of the formulation of the emulsion of PBS.

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