Water isolation ones reagent PBS-M

Water isolation ones reagent PBS-M is designed for elimination of lost circulation during drilling, selective isolation of fresh formation waters and their mineralization salts NaCl up to saturation, the elimination of behind-casing flows in the collectors of high average permeability with pick-up from 50m3\d at a pressure of 50 ATM to 2000 m3\day at a pressure of 0 ATM . The size of the individual particles of the reagent of PBS varies in the range of 100-200мкм. Pumping reagent PBS-M is produced only in the hydrocarbon liquid (diesel fuel, natural gas liquids, volatile gasoline, etc.) or alcohols, this is due to the high rate of reaction of the reagent upon contact with water: reaction occurs within 10 to 20 min, the reagent increases in volume 20 to 30 times and forms a single elastic system. For elimination of lost circulation, the concentration of the reactant in the hydrocarbon liquid is 25-30%. For the selective isolation of water inflows, the concentration of the reagent is 10%. The amount of the reagent is selected depending on the intensity of absorption or pickup. Injection of the reagent is performed in the following sequence: from the bottom of the well with oil to remove the remains of water, then pumped a buffer of hydrocarbon liquid is 0.5-1,0m3, then the estimated number of PBS-M a 10% concentration and is pressed into the reservoir of oil in the suspension volume of PBS-M. Left for reaction for 12 hours to replace the organic matter in the water. Then slowly being swabbed to appropriate from the formation water react with PBS and blocked all the water channels. The well is then investigated on the flow down the pump and well run. The average consumption per well is 300-1000kg depending on the injectivity of the well. In some cases, requires 2 injection of the reagent PBS-M, because the formation there are multiple channels of inflow of water with different throttle response. The reagents and technology have no analogues in the world.

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